Day 1
The heat was hot enough to smell as the igneous shale rock clambered beneath us as we moved through the Glacial Snow and rock field in our ski boots. We had set out earlier in the day, skis clinging to our backpacks, in search of summer ski turns. Traveling  through Glacier National Park, our hidden ski lines were harbored deep within the Parks backcountry, our secret destination for summer corn snow.  Massive jutting peaks stood guard, towering over us as we set up base camp in a Glacial Cirque with a gentle pond at its base. Taking in the 360 views of awe-inspiring mountains throughout Glacier Park we began picking and choosing of the snow filled lines that sat above us on cliff bands-guarded from the summer sun.  Once the sun began to turn golden we took turns throwing backflips off a perfectly constructed jump-With each leap of faith we found ourselves totally lost in the moments of peace and focus as we enjoyed the setting sun over our dream of a jump. As the sun set on a spectacular day full of smiles and gratitude, we took in the snow covered peaks that surrounded us, almost closterphobicly, as they stood at every angle around us.
Day 2
Starting the day with an even bigger team we used our hiking shoes first before we transitioned on the snow field. Climbing the great cleft that would guard Pollock would be our first objective of the day a beautiful glacier Summit that we would stand a top after dropping my skis off at the top of a potential line hidden within the saddle. We journeyed our way up and found the large chimney sized climbing route that would ascend us to the top, taking turns and moving through the shale rock we found ourselves awestruck and emotional by the beautiful landscape that’s around us above Pollock Mountain. Great glacial snowfields looked out of sorts with the large valleys of rivers cutting through the mountains far below-we found ourselves in a trance the feeling is only temporal of course as the views were lost as the descent ensued yet I was excited as I knew a new Ski line I had spotted years before awaiting me. Feeling the metal butterflies in my stomach and eventually into my legs. The large double-walled couilar  stood as an obstacle to my dreams and reality with a few deep breath’s and an exclamation that I was “Going to rip the shit out of the line” completely in the zone taking the first few turns to feel out the snow I was on my way making larger and larger turns until I reached the bottleneck of the couilar which I straight-lined through and rejoiced as I reached the snowfield below. I thought the line would be impossible once getting back to camp I rejoice with my cousin as we took in the day as we waited our friends to come down as well.  A final group ski down a 1500’ foot Ski patch proved evangelical as we met and embraced and looking back at the days achievements tattooed on the snow tattooed on the snowfield by our skis
Day 3
Returning to Logan’s Pass atop the Going to the Sun highway in Glacier National Park we traversed a large snow covered saddle to gain the large snow field sitting below the great Clements Mountain. More back and front flips to the tune of Glacier waterfalls is a dream in itself-we basked in the glory of the natural world around us, thankful for its impeccable beauty. A small glacial tarn can be skimmed across if conditions are perfect, and boy were they! Taking turns ripping through the clear pond on the skis was indescribably beautiful. As we took in the last views of the jagged mountains surrounding us a deep feeling of fulfillment and peace moved through us as we said goodbye to the most beautiful place in the world.

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